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Area of Expertise: Indigenous Data Sovereignty

"Unapologetically challenge those with privilege... make the invisible visible... think through how the co-optation and suppression of knowledge systems has occurred; and what the damages are if we take knowledge out of context, specifically deep-rooted Indigenous knowledge which has been in place for, and interacted with, a single place over time; and what that means if we take that knowledge out of that and begin to use it in other contexts, and how it might not translate, how it might be irresponsible to not include the Indigenous peoples and the knowledge system that it comes from in the processes and practices."

"Stephanie Russo Carroll is an Ahtna woman from Alaska, USA. She is based at the University of Arizona where she is Assistant Professor, Public Health Policy and Management, Community, Environment and Policy Department, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH); Assistant Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy (UC); Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies graduate program, Associate Director and Manager – Tribal Health Program for the Native Nations Institute (NNI) in the UC; and Co-Director for the Center for Indigenous Environmental Health Research, MEZCOH at the University of Arizona (UA). Stephanie's research explores the links between governance, data, the environment, and community wellness. She functions as the UC's liaison to the University's Human Subjects Protection Program, monitoring implementation of the guidelines in UC research projects and participating in broader UA discussions of ethical collaborations with Indigenous Peoples and communities. Stephanie co-founded the US Indigenou​s Data Sovereignty Network and is a founding member of GIDA, the Global Indigenous Data Alliance. Stephanie co-founded the UAs Native Faculty association and the American Indian and Indigenous Health Alliance Club at MEZCOPH, working to support the recruitment and retention of Indigenous students and faculty at the UA. She is on the faculty advisory board for the UA’s Center for Digital Society and Data Studies. Stephanie received her AB from Cornell University and MPH and DrPH from MEZCOPH."