Teara 1200

We are incredibly excited and honoured to announce our first speaker for the Indigenous Innovators Gathering 2020 - Teara Fraser!

Teara first discovered her passion for aviation at age 30. In less than a year, she obtained her commercial pilot’s license. The 2010 winter Olympics inspired Teara to establish an airline which could support Indigenous tourism by providing access to small, remote First Nations communities in British Columbia. Nine years later, on International Women's Day, Teara officially launched Iskwew Air. 

The word “Iskwew” (pronounced IS-KWAY-YO) means “woman” in Cree and, for Iskwew Air, is meant to honour and celebrate “the first Indigenous woman owned airline, all women, and all those lifting women.”

As a proud Métis Iskwew and the founding visionary of the Raven Institute, Teara is a life-long learner. Negotiator, facilitator and coach, Teara holds multiple certifications in fields such as conflict resolution, coaching, leadership, personal development, and Indigenous and trauma-informed therapy. Teara holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and currently pursues doctoral studies in Human Development at Fielding University.

Teara is a brave-hearted Iskwew warrior, an edgewalker, a dreamer, a disrupter, a mother, a leader, an entrepreneur, and a proud Métis bridge-builder.

​Pronouns: she/her/hers