Our Sponsors

October 22, 2020

Sponsors FULL 

We want to express our #love, #gratitude, and #humility to the sponsors of the Indigenous Innovators Gathering! Every contributor with whom we collaborate brings knowledge, expertise and experience from their field. We recognize that every collaborator knows something that we don’t and as a team, we can do our best work!
Thank you, BDC, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, and Shopify for helping us make this Gathering possible!

Because we’ve envisioned this to be a series of consistent ongoing events, lasting partnerships will be key. Animikii Indigenous Technology will be the lead partner. However, we will work with other leading socially-minded organizations to leverage web technologies in order to create social, economic, and cultural initiatives that positively impact Indigenous Peoples.

We will be seeking sponsorships and reaching out to like-minded organizations to partner and further fund this initiative. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming Indigenous Innovators Gathering please contact our Digitial Services Business Development Stratagist, Tyler McLeod, Tyler