Gather your sage, put some coffee on, and start practicing your introductions — the Indigenous Innovators Gathering is taking place on December 3, 2020!
While circumstances are preventing us from having an in-person gathering this year we wanted to provide you with a heads up on how you can register and be part of #IndigenousInnovators2020.
Our first gathering is focusing on social entrepreneurship. We will be learning about how our guests stay true to their values and incorporate those lessons into their business.
No panels, no speeches: our online gathering will feature conversations and our guests will have a chance to reflect and talk about the lessons learned from each of the sessions.

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Teara Full

Teara first discovered her passion for aviation at age 30. In less than a year, she obtained her commercial pilot’s license. The 2010 winter Olympics inspired Teara to establish an airline which could support Indigenous tourism by providing access to small, remote First Nations communities in British Columbia. Nine years later, on International Women's Day, Teara officially launched Iskwew Air. 

The word “Iskwew” (pronounced IS-KWAY-YO) means “woman” in Cree and, for Iskwew Air, is meant to honour and celebrate “the first Indigenous woman owned airline, all women, and all those lifting women.”

As a proud Métis Iskwew and the founding visionary of the Raven Institute, Teara is a life-long learner. Negotiator, facilitator and coach, Teara holds multiple certifications in fields such as conflict resolution, coaching, leadership, personal development, and Indigenous and trauma-informed therapy. Teara holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and currently pursues doctoral studies in Human Development at Fielding University.

Teara is a brave-hearted Iskwew warrior, an edgewalker, a dreamer, a disrupter, a mother, a leader, an entrepreneur, and a proud Métis bridge-builder.

​Pronouns: she/her/hers

Tanya FULL 

Tanya is no stranger to storytelling and its transformational power. President and CEO of Makwa Creative, a fully Indigenous-owned production company, founded to give voice and stage to Indigenous creators sharing about the resilience of Indigenous Peoples, Tanya is dedicated to breathing life into Indigenous stories of resiliency. 

Tanya started her career at the Toronto Star, where she was a journalist for over 20 years with 5 nominations for the Michener Award in public service journalism. Many of us know Tanya as the author of All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward and Seven Fallen Feathers, a book with an impressive list of awards and nominations, including the RBC Taylor Prize winner, CBC’s nonfiction book of the year, and the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing. Even more of us know Tanya from her 2018 CBC Massey Lecture series or from when she was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Lakehead University.

To All Her Relations, Tanya is a mother, granddaughter, daughter, and auntie, and a passionate advocate to improve the lives of Indigenous Peoples (particularly children) across Turtle Island and around the world. 



Every Gathering needs a little bit of entertainment, right!? 
We are very proud to announce our second guest is world-renowned hoop dance artist James Jones, known as Notorious Cree to his 2M TikTok fans!

Notorious Cree is a men’s fancy Powwow dancer and top 3 world hoop dancer who also plays the flute and hand drum. Notorious Cree blends traditional, modern and contemporary arts mixed with comedy to showcase a high energy performance. 

James Jones has performed and travelled across Europe, China, Australia, North America, and is ranked among the top 5 hoop dancers in the world. 

He’s danced at Coachella music festival, the Juno’s, the Sydney opera house and at the Vancouver Olympic Games and has hoop-danced on a world tour with Juno award-winning group "A Tribe Called Red”.